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Dragon Pulp. R, Fantasy Drama. The schemes of two powerful forces have shaped the lives of Mara and her two sons, Vasanteus and Nathus. The family must shape their own identities and fight back against the men who've used them as pawns. Mature subjects. Colonial/anti-colonial themes. Implied sexual violence.


Dragon Pulp originally ran in 2012 and was my first experiment with the poll comic format. Reader input was limited to multiple choice, and an official setting bible was never created. It came to about 80 pages.


The story arc is unresolved. Dragon Pulp was originally intended to be a short story- the lead character was supposed to die at the end of the first chapter. I hadn't been prepared for carrying on a long format story: I was producing 3-5 fully rendered pages every week. It eventually caught up with me.


Still, the potential of the format was intensely exciting. While the project was the beginning of my Poll Comic learning curve, there are some real gems in the story. At some point, I would love to come back to it and give it a proper ending.

The nature of the sexual violence makes it something I would be hesitant to include in future projects.