W19E1. Round two begins. The Edgelords launch their attack.

W19E2. The Edgelord's attack doesn't go well for Ponzi.

W19E-. Interlude. Ram has a birthday.

W19E3. There's still a chance...


W20E1. Tiberion decides he wants barrel armor.

W20E2. Tiberion clarifies his priorities.

W20E3. The path to endgame starts to be revealed.

W20E4. Wicked things are brewing.


W21E1. Dungeons and Demigods.


SERIES 1: Don't Drink and Dwarf

Intro. Series 1 Preamble. Update schedule and project description. Intro to the setting and characters.   Because those things are important, doncha know.

S1E1. A hungover dwarf wakes up with a killer headache.

S1E2. Our dwarf realizes that his beer might or might not've been laced with hallucinogens.

S1E3. Our dwarf's suspicions about his beer being drugged are confirmed.

S1E4. It's an old-fashioned stare down.

S1E5. Our dwarf learns a little more about the spectral priestess.

S1E6. It's murder most drow...

S1E7. The drugs finally get to be too much. Night, night Tiberion.

S1E8. Tiberion passes out and begins to have a vision.

S1E9. Tiberion's vision introduces a cosmic threat.

S1E10. Tiberion's vision- and the chapter- concludes.


SERIES 2: Good For What Ales You

S2E1. Ponzi, a dwarven rogue/cleric, finds Tiberion and crew passed out- and an important party member missing.

S2E2. Ponzi makes a medicine check to determine Tiberion's condition.

S2E3. Ponzi casts Resistance... and is kind of a dick about it.

S2E4. Tiberion wakes up... and he has some questions.

S2E5. Ponzi begins providing exposition.

S2E6. The exposition continues. We learn about Draug.

S2E7. The exposition ends. Where the hell is Draug?

Interlude. Ram takes a sick day. Updates return Monday, Nov 20.


SERIES 3: Win, Lose, or Drow

S3E1. Ponzi grills Tiberion to see if they can get a little more information.

S3E2. Ponzi tries to inspire Tiberion. The results are dubious.

S3E3. Tiberion has a flashback to his conversation with Draug.

S3E4. It's hinted that the colony has a hidden purpose.

S3E5. Tiberion remembers where Draug likely went.

S3E6. Tiberion runs off to summon the council.

S3E7. Ponzi turns his attention to the desecrated temple.

S3E8. The Game Master takes a quick smoke break.


SERIES 4: Altar Self

S4E1. Left alone in the desecrated temple to wake up the rest of the dwarves, Ponzi realizes how useful the Guidance cantrip might be.

S4E2. Ponzi looks around the temple for clues.

S4E3. Ponzi cleans up the gong and makes a Religion check.

S4E4. Ponzi recalls obscure details about the Hatchetman's followers.

S4E5. Tiberion interrupts to ask a question of his own.

S4E6. Ponzi reflects on the Hatchetman and Orcish culture.

S4E7. Ponzi's player tries to point out a plot hole about the Redcaps.

S4E8. Ponzi wakes up the rest of the guild.

Interlude. Ram gets invited to playtest a supers RPG.

S4E9. Ponzi tries to inspire volunteers for the upcoming rescue mission.

S4E10. Ponzi attempts Dwarven diplomacy. Fists fly.

S4E11. The brawl starts in earnest. Ponzi survives round one.

S4E12. Ponzi survives round two. Are we feeling lucky?

Interlude. Ram takes a Christmas break.

S4E13. Ponzi survives round three, and it's a doozy.

S4E14. Ponzi survives round four of the brawl.

S4E15. The brawl ends and Ponzi cashes out. We learn about Draug's poems from back in the orphanage days.

S4E16. We learn about the new mooks. Kids these days, I tell ya what.

S4E17. One of the players gets involved in a flamewar on Twitter.


SERIES 5: Attack of the Edgelords

S5E1. Tiberion waits in the chambers of the Drow Colony's ruling council.

S5E2. Tiberion is skeptical of the Drow who wait with him.

S5E3. Tiberion has an opportunity to make a new friend.

S5E4. Tiberion gives the Drow a big ol' hug.


S5E5. The Yeoman isn't sure what to make of Tiberion's hug.

S5E6. Tiberion succeeds on his Charisma check.

S5E7. Tiberion's player accepts the GM's challenge.

S5E8. Hug Town, population 3. How do you like them apples?


W15E1. The GM begins revealing the consequences of Tiberion's crit.

W15E2. Ponzi and the Draug Queens reach the mess hall.

W15E3. Ponzi is skeptical of the GM's timing.

W15E4. Roll for initative!


W16E1. The Drow Edgelords take first blood.

W16E2.  Ponzi passes the Con save, but the Edgelords don't let up.

W16E3. Things aren't looking good for Rocky the Draug Queen.

W16E4.  Rocky falls, but nobody dies.


W17E1. Ponzi asks about casting in combat. He likes the answer.

W17E2. Ponzi casts healing spells and makes an insight check.

W17E3. Rocky has a crisis of conscious.

W17E4. The Draug Queens attack.


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