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Dark River Zone is a poll-based comic. Your votes help determine who lives, who dies, and which plot twists happen. Are you a bad enough of a dude/dudette to save the galaxy?

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Into the Dark River

Rise of the Bored. Parts one - five.

This chapter originally appearaed as individual panels. They haven't been retrofitted into page compositions yet.

Big Bads. Part one.

Big Bads. Part two.

Big Bads. Part three.







The Anabasis has been transported to a distant galaxy. As they calibrate their sensors, what nearby object attracts their attention?


A// A derelect spacecraft giving off a strange signal.

B// The ruins of an ancient civilization.

C// A highly populated commerce planet.








The Commodore's visit to the Science Team reveals that...


A// The team had been creating a new piece of tech to measure Plodt Holes- a "Plodt Device" of sorts. They must've miscalculated the settings when they activated it.

B// The team had been tracking some unusual signals and had inadvertently made contact with an unknown civilization. It turns out their penpals wanted a face to face meeting.








What exactly did the Chief do?


A// He didn't double check hi calculations. He's a genius, but a little absent-minded. No villainous monologue today.

B// He did everything right- but someone on his team sabotaged the machine. They'll likely break out in a villainous monologue.

C// He knew exactly what would happen when he activated the machine. He'll likely break out in a villainous monologue.








When the Commodore disagrees with her crew, her standard response is...


A// Trust them. She's an intidimidating force. If they disagree with her, it probably means they have a good reason.

B// She'll listen to input, but only if she hasn't decided what to do yet. She prefers having a flawed solution now to a perfect solution later.








What secret does Captain Davis have?


A// He's a member of the same religion as the Chief. He's avoided persecution by hiding the truth.

B// He has a line of communication with a shadowy group back home- but has reasons to keep it secret.

C// He doesn't really have secrets.








So far, Cruiser has been a morally ambiguous character. She's been prone to excessive force and obviously has biases, but has also trusted the judgments of her command team. This twist obviously puts her in an awkward position...


//A. She fights against it as much as she can. Ruthlesness had a bigger role in her military successes than idealism did. At the end of the day, she's a survivor- and willing to use excessive force if that's what it takes. Ratsel is horrified. 3 VOTES.

//B. She goes willingly. She knows that the Anabasis is hopelessly outclassed, and her willingness to leave the Away Team behind was because she honestly believes that sacrifices must be made for the greater good. Ratsel is impressed. 11 VOTES.









Commodore Cruiser thinks that the surrender of one person would be an anticlimactic end to such a huge show of force- there has to be a catch.


//A. There's a war going on and the agents of the P.A.S.T.T. want to complete the mission as efficiently as possible. When your primary antagonists are time travelers, you learn to expect ambushes. After all, the enemy forces of the F.U.T.U.R.E. might be right around the corner. 3 VOTES.

//B. The fleet is the personal escort of one of the most powerful beings in the universe and it has a special interest in the outcome of this situation. As soon as Cruiser is safely in custody, it will reveal itself- and offer the lost flagship a mission. Let's learn about the universe's big picture. 6 VOTES.

//C. It's revealed that the leader of the cyborg army is none other than Commodore Cruiser's evil future self. The P.A.S.T.T. fleet has been waiting for the Bored to reactivate so they could track down and capture her future self. Arresting the current Commodore is just icing on the cake. 4 VOTES








We're about to meet one of the most powerful people in the universe- part of a coalition of New Gods. Which of the following will decide the fate of the Anabasis and her crew?


//A. Good Guy Greg. Finally, a break! 3 VOTES.

//B. Scumbag Steve. It could be worse. 1 VOTE.

//C. Insanity Wolf. No comment 11 VOTES.








How does Insanity Wolf see himself?


//A. As a victim of injustice. He's aware of the hypocrisy of imprisoning Cruiser for a crime she hasn't committed yet, but the poetry of the moment is too delicious. In any case, it'll be a moot point once he destroys the system that wronged him. 2 VOTES.

//B. As a monster. He had to choose between believing Cruiser lied about him to the Council or believing that she- his most trusted ally- was telling the truth. Unable to accept that she was capable of that kind of betrayal, he's embraced evil. 9 VOTES








The Wolf is obviously a large, powerful figure- and the command crew are especially vulnerable right now. If he wants to destroy them, odds are he'll be able to do it. That, though, would be a fairly anticlimactic end to Cruiser and company. What prevents him from slaughtering them?


//A. Two of his children walk in, making him pause long enough to collect himself. With his nerves calmed, his flair for poetic justice kicks back in. Emotional nuance and domineering villainy. 11 VOTES.

//B. A daring rescue from Cleo, Khatim... and a mysteriously different Mary Sue! Heroic adventure and soap opera plot twists. 10 VOTES.

It's not quite a tie, but it's close enough that it feels appropriate to try to merge the options as much as possible..








What is the motivation of the Wolf's sons?


//A. They're actually setting themselves up to be double-agents: rescuing Cruiser and the Command Crew is their way of getting behind enemy defenses. Their father may or may not be in on the plan. Evil +1. 8 VOTES.

//B. They're not choosing sides, but they know that their father won't calm down until he's spilled blood- and they're more likely to survive his wrath than Cruiser and Co. This isn't actually a rescue. Neutral +1. 6 VOTES.

//C. They are agents of the Council and were sent to spy on their father. They've uncovered his secret plans and were preparing to escape any way... but rescuing the command crew in the process is icing on the cake. Good +1. 6 VOTES.








Chief Ratsel has obviously been injured. Bad things happen when overpowered demigods squeeze you. Which character's response to Ratsel's imminent danger is highlighted?


//A. Commodore Cruiser. Not even a severe injury will ease the tensions between their philosophical differences. 6 VOTES.

//B. Captain Davis. They have a shared history above and beyond their positions on the Anabasis. It's personal. 13 VOTES








CHAPTER BREAK! Meanwhile...


//A. Back on Insanity Wolf's flagship... 7 VOTES.

//B. Back on the planet surface... 8 VOTES.

//C. Back onboard the Anabasis... 4 VOTES.



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