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Established Collaborators Sought.

These terms are my way of handling the abundance of non-paying projects. If interested in hiring me for a project, contact me at Ram (at) Ramlama (dot) com for page rates and and availability. Paying projects go to the front of the line.

While my main project, Dragon Pulp, is on temporary hiatus, I'm accepting pitches for short term comic book projects. Proposals will ideally be for projects between 12-48 pages long.

I'm looking for collaborators who bring a built-in audience to the project, either fans of their previous works or demographics of an underrepresented group (trans* identities, non-Western cultural identities, alternative religions, etc).

Ideal collaborators will bring personal expertise to the project. I'm not looking for autobiographical content- too many issues with accurately or falsely representing events- but fictional accounts based on personal experiences are welcome. These will ideally be stories that I could not write on my own.

Projects don't need to be in script format; I'll happily adapt prose. While pitches for content not yet written will be considered, pitches that include the full content to be worked from are preferred.

 Collaborators will be asked to give evidence of their audience's interest in the project: we'll create an online petition, which will double as a mailing list, for the project. Think of it as the marketing equivalent of kickstarting a project. When the mailing list becomes large enough, we'll launch the project formally. My hope is that most of the audience will transfer over to other projects, but I am firmly anti-spam and don't plan to be skeezy about it.

Projects will be in greyscale or B&W, with limited edition ashcans available as a fundraising tool. Net profits will, by default, be split 50/50 between myself and the collaborator (with modest crowdfunding campaigns in the $200-$600 range being a possibility).

To submit a pitch, please email Ram (at) Ramlama (dot) com. Include a brief biography, a logline/summary of the project, and any additional material you feel is appropriate.

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