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Graduating university in 2011, I made it my goal to be an incredibly prolific graphic novelist. Inspired by both the quantity and quality of creators like Osamu Tezuka and Yoshihiro Tatsumi, I wanted to produce enough work to reach wide audiences and address issues that were otherwise overlooked.

I knew that by focusing on speed, I wouldn't make masterpieces- and I was okay with that. The more I produced, the more tricks I'd learn; the more tricks I learned, the higher my overall quality and efficiency would rise. My standards and quality would increase over time. Meanwhile, my speed would allow me to work on projects for niche audiences. Jumping from one project to another would let me try relatively bold experiments and help satiate my creative restlessness.

As of 2014, I consider myself to be in the Junior year of my post-graduation transition. 2011 was my Freshmen year, where I focused on producing as much content as possible and gaining control over the basics of the medium. 2012 through 2013 were my Sophomore years and were marked by experiments in collaborations. My goal in 2014 is to combine these things, add marketing to the process, and apply my theories of leveraging collaborative processes.

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Ram Lama caricatures is a Ram Lama presentation. Compulsively creative.