Animation Projects

Haunted Woods. Sept 2017.

The Chosen, pt 6. May 2017.

The Chosen, pt 5. May 2017.

The Chosen, pt 4. May 2017.

The Chosen, pt 3. April 2017.

The Chosen, pt 2. April 2017.

The Chosen, pt 1. April 2017.

Blood Opera. March 2017.

Body of Works



Rasputin Catamite. R.

Dragon Pulp, vol 3. R.

Magic is Stupid. XXX.

A Dong of Ice and Fire. XXX.

Nomad Skies. PG-13.



Rasputin Catamite. R.

The Fall Court. R.

Mercs. R.

Through a Dark Lens. R.



Rasputin Catamite. R.

Dark River Zone. PG-13.



Rasputin Catamite. R.

Dragon Pulp, vol 2. R.



Rasputin Catamite. R.

Dragon Pulp, vol 2. R.

Smokeless Flame: The Book of Coulter.

Hedge Wizard. PG-13.

Hinterland Journeys. PG-13.



Rasputin Catamite. R.

Dragon Pulp, vol 1. R.

Burying Sarah. PG-13.

The Adventures of Captain Adam Seabourne. PG-13.



FAIL: Truth and Treason. PG-13.

FAIL: Natural Disasters. PG-13.

Munchkin Apocalypse. PG-13.

Swing Lines. R.

End of the World. R.

Pygmalion. PG-13.

Utopia No More. PG-13.



The Stunningly Terrific Detective. R.

The Necklace. PG-13.

Totem. PG-13.

Artists Gone Wild, vol 2. PG-13.

Artists Gone Wild, vol 1. PG-13.

Weekend Comics. PG-13.

Wichita Dreaming. PG-13.

Magnet Manga series. PG-13.







Peace and Social Justice Center

Winter 2014-Winter 2016

Title: Board Member.

Responsibilities: Overseeing PEACE (Peace Essay and Art Challenge Experience), an essay/art contest for local students. Member of the nomination committee for new board members.

Notes: I'm also a regular attendee of our mass incarceration focus group, JENI (Jobs and Education, Not Incarceration). JENI's most recent accomplishment is spearheading a municipal marijuana reform initiative that lowered the penalty for first time possession to a $50 infraction. While the city approved the reform, the state has challenged the legality of the reform.



Marker Madness. Public relations campaign.

Spring 2010-Fall 2010.

Title: Chief Organizer.

Responsibilities: Development and implementation of campaign plans, development of campaign literature, volunteer management

Notes: This campaign was in response to a local city ordinance. I organized and worked with a political coalition including Democrats, Republicans, Democratic Socialists, and Libertarians and oversaw a staff of 20+ people. The campaign was ultimately successful, leading to the city council voting nearly unanimously to change the ordinance. Highlights of the campaign included appearing on the front page of the local newspaper.


Blank Page. Non-Profit Art Center.

Fall 2007-Summer 2009

Title: Project Manager (2007-2009), Chief Editor (2008-2009)

Responsibilities: Oversight of various activities and events, volunteer coordination, development and oversight of Blank Zine project (including developing and implementing plans for funding, content acquisition, production, and distribution).

Notes: The Blank Page approached me to develop a fund-raising publication for them after hearing about my previous work in small press publications. Between contributors and manual labor, I oversaw a volunteer staff of 40+ people for what was, at the time, the second largest local publication focusing on the local art and music communities.





Ram Lama Presents. Freelance Illustration and Animation.

Winter 2015-Present.

Title: Sole Proprietor.


Poll Comic Studios.

Winter 2015-Present.

Title: Chief Editor, Writer, Artist.


City of Wichita, Public Library. Art, Music & Video Dept.

Summer 2007-Fall 2015.

Title: Clerk II.

Responsibilities: Sorting and shelving newly returned items, providing positive support service to library patrons, maintaining collection standards.

Notes: This is the ubiquitous day job, but it’s been a great experience. I get along with my co-workers incredibly well and enjoy the work. The part of the collection I work with includes art history and theory, music history and theory, art prints, graphic novels, and the media collection (CDs, DVDs, VHS, and blu-rays).I’ve done some additional work– helping design displays and giving lectures to schools.



WSU Sunflower Newspaper. Editorial Dept.

Fall 2005-Summer 2010

Titles: Editorial cartoonist (2005-2010), Distractions page editor (2007-2009), Columnist (2010)



WSU Sunflower Newspaper. Advertising Dept.

Summer 2005-Summer 2009

Titles: Advertising designer (2005-2007), Advertising production manager (2007-2009).

Responsibilities: Advertising design, overseeing other graphic designers, newspaper layout



Weekend Comics. Small press publication.

Fall 2004-Spring 2006.

Title: Chief Editor



Magnet Manga. Small press publication.

Fall 2002-Fall 2003.

Title: Chief Editor




Wichita State University.

Fall 2003-Spring 2011. Bachelor of General Studies.

GPA: 3.56/4.00.

Areas of study: Studio Arts (focus on illustration and design), English (focus on creative writing), andCommunications (focus on print media and editting).


I studied a broad spectrum of communication disciplines to gain the skills needed for seeing a project from concept to completion, including intense studies of graphics, copy, and publishing. The original goal was to follow a course of study that would allow a greater understanding of the comics medium, but the result included being exposed to a wide variety of creative disciplines and challenges.


Extra-curricular activities:

  • WSU Students in Free Enterprise (Project member, Project Manager, Vice-President of Sustainability).
  • WSU Anime Club (Member, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-President, President).
  • WSU Sequential Artists Guild (Founder, Vice-President).



Northeast Magnet High.

Fall 1999-Spring 2003. Certificate of completing Art Program.

GPA: 3.89/4.00.

Areas of study: Illustration and Graphic Design.


I was fortunate enough to attend a magnet high school that included an active study of visual art disciplines.


Extra-curricular activities:

  • NEM Anime Club (Member, Project Manager)
  • NEM Gay-Straight Alliance (Co-founder, Member)
  • NEM Robotics Team (Team Member, Graphic Designer, Public Relations Manager)